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Student Support Services

Wisconsin Lutheran College recognizes that each student has been blessed with individual gifts and unique talents. We seek to serve each student according to their individual needs and challenges and to assist them in reaching their educational goals.

Students with disabilities and special needs are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Support for services and accommodation assessment.

How to Obtain Services

  • Contact the Support Services Office to discuss your situation or schedule an appointment at 414.443.8797.
  • Provide most recent documentation of disability or current individual education plan.
  • Work with Wisconsin Lutheran College personnel to assess needs and discuss potential accommodations.

Services Provided

The following are examples of services and accommodations that may be suggested:

  • Priority registration
  • Priority classroom seating
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Extended time on exams
  • Distraction free testing
  • Tutoring
  • Advocacy with faculty/staff
  • Advocacy with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Text enlargement
  • Resource for books on tape
  • Resource for any other available support on campus

Adaptive Equipment

  • 21” screen monitors
  • Enlargement software program
  • CCTV
  • Scanners
  • Laptops for checkout


  • Reasonable accommodations are available to students with documented physical disabilities, both lifelong and temporary.
  • Accommodations are provided to students with documented learning disabilities.
  • Accommodations are provided to students in times of personal or situational crisis according to the assessment of Support Services staff.

Other Campus Services

  • Office of Admissions, 414.443.8811, for admission policies and information.
  • Office of Financial Aid, 414.443.8856, for information on financial aid packages, available scholarships, DVR support, and other financial information.
  • Office of Health Services, 414.443.8630, for information on mental health support, counseling, physical health support, and medical services.
  • Office of Residence Life, 414.443.8689, for information regarding accessible campus housing.
  • Office of Student Success, 414.443.8517, for information on academic accommodations, tutors, and academic guidance.
  • Office of Facilities Management, 414.443.8882, for information on handicapped campus parking.