Students using equipment in sport and 运动科学 lab


帮助运动员留在比赛中, 病人从受伤中恢复过来, and everyone take control of their physical health with a bachelor's degree in sport and 运动科学.

Our accredited sport and 运动科学 program, and its related 双学位的机会, is booming, and 98% of our graduates who apply to graduate school are being accepted. Spend a few minutes exploring our program and the "why" becomes clear!


Your coursework as a sport and 运动科学 major includes hands-on training in state-of-the-art labs, 临床的设置, 现场场地. 这些小, participatory lab experiences combined with strong academics and undergraduate reSearch, will have you ready for a variety of careers and graduate studies. You'll train on the same equipment used by professionals in the field. 除了, you'll participate in an undergraduate reSearch project, culminating in a poster presentation.

Participate in diverse internship opportunities.

By taking advantage of our central proximity to five major medical complexes and hospitals, you’ll be able to complete internships in 物理治疗, 职业治疗, 体育训练, 和更多的. Our students have interned at locations such as Aurora Sports Medicine Institute, Froedtert运动医学中心, 精英体育 & Spine, and Providence Physical Therapy. Students interested in personal training and performance have interned at the Wisconsin Athletic Club, Froedtert Sports Medicine Center’s Performance Enhancement Program (PEP), 和NX级.

Practice alongside expert faculty in a state-of-the-art lab.

Lab sizes of 12-18 students allow you to fully participate and practice tests and assessments.

Our 体育与运动科学 Lab was added to Generac Hall in 2019 and features gold-standard equipment, including a hydrostatic weighing tank for underwater weighing and body composition measurements (body fat percentage and fat free mass), 瓦特和马克自行车, 力板, Biodex测功机, 还有一个力板跑步机.

The lab is also equipped to allow students to conduct post-exercise electrocardiograms, measure blood pressure (traditionally and digitally), 心电图肌收缩试验, test aerobic capacity with a VO2max machine, measure grip power with hand dynamometers, measure grip strength with iWorx and LabScribe dynamometers, assess vertical jump with Vertec jump testers and pressure mats, and ascertain body composition with skin fold measures, 臀腰围比, 和超声波.


安排你的 个人参观体验 and request a tour of our 体育与运动科学 Lab, or explore Generac Hall and our lab via our panoramic 360° immersive virtual tour.


Healthcare professionals make a real and measurable difference in their communities, 全国范围内, 和国外. Studying the health sciences at WLC, you'll receive a strong science foundation that supports your growth and development, the personal care and attention of our faculty, and our small-campus charm in a big city with access to diverse healthcare facilities. You'll graduate confident, fully prepared to live your purpose.

Excel in your career or in graduate school.

Our sport and 运动科学 major is broad-based and flexible. You'll develop close relationships with our faculty, allowing for adaptation of individual programs to meet your career aspirations. 生物学的包含, 化学, 心理学, and communication courses prepares students for careers in a variety of fields.

Students may choose to work as athletic trainers, 心脏康复技师, community health and fitness instructors, 私人教练, 企业健康导师, 运动生理学家, 物理治疗师, 职业治疗师, and strength and conditioning specialists or coaches.

Our graduates can be found working as:

  • Athletic trainers in high schools, hospitals, and NCAA Division I and Division III colleges
  • Strength and conditioning coaches for NCAA Division I basketball and a MLB minor league team
  • Certified 私人教练 at area athletic and fitness clubs
  • Occupational therapists and 物理治疗师 in 临床的设置
  • 按摩师
  • Cryotherapists
  • 临床研究助理

Our alumni are pursuing master’s degrees in 体育训练, 护理, 临床生理学, 运动机能学, 运动科学, 以及职业疗法. 另外, alumni are also pursing doctorate degrees in 职业治疗, 物理治疗, 脊椎按摩疗法, 以及医师助理研究.


威斯康辛州路德 College's 运动科学 program is accredited by the Commission on 认证 of Allied Health Education 项目 (CAAHEP) upon recommendation of the Committee on 认证 for the 运动科学s (CoAES).


Commission on 认证 of Allied Health Education 项目 (CAAHEP)


2022-2023年保留率: 100% (CoAES基准70%)

2022-2023 Culminating Experience Pass Rate: 100% (CoAES基准50%)


Connect with 体育与运动科学 Faculty

汉娜巴特尔 生物学, 体育与运动科学 助理教授 414.443.8697 汉娜
瑞秋屈尔 体育与运动科学 副讲师/体育部主任 & 运动科学 414.443.8885 瑞秋
卢卡斯瑞安 体育与运动科学 助理教授 414.443.8677 卢卡斯
凯特Schoen 体育与运动科学 助理讲师 414.443.8874
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